Apartment Hunting

Posted in nyc by antisociology on April 22, 2008

Most of you know that I’m on the market for a new apartment here in NYC. I’ve seen about eight apartments so far, and have found two that I like…for the most part. Unfortunately, in NYC, you can’t have everything — at least if you’re on a budget of some sort (any sort). The name of the game is expectation management and finding a set of tradeoffs that will leave you happy.

I made the mistake of showing my parents some pictures. Not being familiar with the NYC housing market, everything was too small, too expensive, or not new enough. They also have a sort of… um… well… they don’t really have an aesthetic taste. Their taste can be summarized as “dorm room” or “cheap and cheerful.” Make that just “cheap.” Maybe I’m a superficial and vain bastard, but I like my spaces to be well designed and attractive. The way things look and feel is part and parcel of their essence for me. Design is a feature in and of itself, and something that I think is worth paying for.

My top candidate is this one bedroom at 74th and Columbus:

I made up a little page with more pictures and an annotated floorplan. I love the fireplace and the stained glass. The downsides? A pullman kitchen (basically, just a row of appliances against a wall), and no in-building laundry. On the other hand, the building interior is pretty and the neighborhood is great. It’s a little more than a block to the 72nd st. 2/3 station, and a block west of Central Park. I put in an application with some offers yesterday, but am still planning on going to see some places on Wednesday afternoon. I think this will be my last tour, unless I suddenly see a lot of apartments that are a lot better than what I have seen so far.

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