Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on June 13, 2008

Well, I’ve moved into my new place and have now set about furnishing it. I’ve become really domestic recently, thinking about cleaning and cooking and that Perfect Furniture Arrangement. I’m not sure if this is because I finally have my own place, have a bigger place, or can just flat out afford to be unabashedly consumerist. It’s probably not the latter, because I’ve never made any bones about being materialistic. Even when I couldn’t afford a lot, it had to be the best and, if not the best, then at least great. It’s my opinion that everything should be well designed, even $2 can openers.

My new dishrack has a five year warranty and a little instruction leaflet that encourages purchasers to go register their item on the website. I found this highly amusing.

Of course, there are all the things that I have put off spending money on. I haven’t had a dentist appointment in an embarrassingly long time. The anti-glare coating on my eyeglasses is flaking off, making it look like I’m a lazy sod who doesn’t know how to wash his glasses. My air filter is long overdue for a replacement filter kit. I have a set of speaker cables that broke a year ago and need to be repaired. Waaa. Poor me. đŸ˜›

Things are going well, though. I really do adore my new digs, and business at work is picking up. This is good, even if it does mean that I’m about to get really busy. Business going well means that there’s just that little more of a chance that this startup thing may work out.

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