Cupcake Commuter

Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on March 28, 2009

I’ve been commuting on the bike for a few weeks now. Except for Mondays, when I have to lead a group run in the evening, I pretty much ride every day so long as it’s not raining in the morning. I love bike commuting. I have a fairly stress-free commute, so that may be part of it. Really, though, I look forward to the 30-40 minutes of easy pedaling before I get into the grind of the workday. To me, it’s preferable to stuffing myself into a crowded subway car.

My commute takes me down along the Hudson. I start by going south through the west side of Central Park, cut across 72nd, and then zip down the west side bike path. You can find a map of my commute at MapMyRide. I love seeing the greenspaces, strange installation art (at least I think it’s art), and the Intrepid every morning.

I’ve also started taking my bike on general errands. I’m still always amazed that my bike is still where I locked it. Last weekend I rode it to the grocery store and back, strapping my bounty to the top of my rear rack. It was a little awkward. I’ll probably be getting some grocery panniers soon, and have a really nice front rack on order.

Last night, I not only rode to work, but also ran some errands, met up with some friends, and stopped to pick up some cupcakes on the way home. The cupcakes made it home largely intact, if a bit jostled.