Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on April 29, 2012

There are so many projects I want to work on. But, at the end of the day (or week), I usually end up vegging since my brain and body are tired. I’m not sure how to manage this. Maybe it’s just a matter of setting some ridiculously attainable goals. Some of the things I want to do:

  • Move my bookshelf two feet to the right (more effort than it sounds when you’re doing it by yourself)
  • Organize my tools into toolboxes
  • Get my spare bicycle parts organized into divider boxes
  • Get my Ray and Charles Eames poster framed and hung
  • Sell spare bicycle parts I’m not going to use
  • Build a window farm in my kitchen or bedroom
  • Get my first iPhone app out the door and into the hands of users

A lot of this is small stuff and I just need to commit to spending the money for stuff. For example, the organization stuff could easily be done once I had the actual boxes. I can easily hang a poster once I have the frame.

I did make some progress on my app, which I’m excited about. A domain name has been purchased, and a Google Apps account setup. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be writing about how the launch went and whether I’m at least recovering the costs of developing and running the project. I’m going to keep it a side project for now in the hopes that it makes for a good jumping off point for other things in the future.


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