Wine and beer are good for you

Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on March 31, 2013

Today’s project: turning wine and beer bottles into self-watering planters. Random little guy on the left, basil seeds on the right.



Another Year, Another App

Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on March 30, 2013

Wow. Has it really been 11 months since my last blog post? I guess time really does fly. I can’t say too much has changed in the intervening months. I’ve been working pretty hard on some ambitious projects at work. That’s not all bad, but the hours have been a little brutal.

It was kind of funny to see some of the projects on my todo list from this time last year. I literally just did two of them in the last two weeks. So much for staying productive.

I’ve been chipping away at a music app 30-60 mins a day. That’s not enough time to make a ton of progress, but enough to keep the thing going without completely losing interest.