Self-Quantification: It’s what I’ve been up to

Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on May 26, 2013

Memory, measurement and quantification seem to be the big themes in my life right now:

Work projects: My role at work has changed. I’m now managing my company’s product lines having to do with audience and measurement. It’s a big change from the video player SDKs I used to work on.

Personal projects: I’ve been working on a toolset to help me work more productively. Really it’s a ser of tools that let me drive my workday off of Asana. Part of that toolset will be metrics and dashboards to help me understand where my time and energy are going. It’s also been nice having a coding project to work on.

Habits: I just started trying to get into some better habits. I’m using Lift to keep track how well I’m doing. I’m trying to do stuff like not read e-mail before my first coffee, and to take an hour each day to implement something.

Daily journal: I’ve been keeping a private journal in Evernote. Every day I save one picture, one thought, and one accomplishment. Keeps it easy and fun and gives me something to look back on.


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