End of Year Checkin: 2K13

Posted in Uncategorized by antisociology on December 25, 2013

Wow. What a year. In my last post I talked about some changes in my life at work and at home. Work has been incredibly busy and “action-packed.” The product I’ve been trying to shepherd for a year finally shipped. If you’re familiar with the ads/media industry, the corporate blog postI wrote probably describes it best. There’s still quite a bit more work left, but I do feel like it marks a big accomplishment for myself, if not for my team.

I’m still working in productivity tools. Largely for myself to help tame the craziness, but these are projects that I can get excited about. It’s amazing how much time we spend just organizing and prioritizing instead of doing. For the past few months I’ve been trying out variants of Mark Forster’s autofocus system and building some tooling to make it more automatic and to gather stats that I can use to make and monitor improvements and processes.

Photo Dec 24, 9 15 02 PM

Speaking of measurements, for the past few months I’ve been keeping track not only of my weight, but also stress levels and resting heart rate. Today, I grabbed my stress scores (from Azumio’s Stress Check app) and plotted them against time. I’ve been measuring both in the morning and after work, so each day nominally has a range of stress. Personally, I just find the chart aesthetically interesting in its own right.